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Finding a Good Agent!

How do I find a "good" agent?

Gulf Coast Realty TeamAll realtors are not the same! Look for skilled agents who are active in the Real Estate market. Interview agents and ask the hard questions, such as...

A good Real Estate agent will make money for you! We at Gulf Coast Realty Team subscribe to the philosophy that full service is the only plan that makes sense in dealing with one of your greatest assets...your home.

Why would you leave anything that important to chance?

How do I know what to do in this confused market?

This market is a wholesale market. Clearly every property is “on sale”. Finding a home is a fun and challenging process requiring all the support you can get. A good Realtor, someone with experience and the willingness to go the distance, will save you money on a purchase. A good home inspection and someone to handle the details will make the process smooth. Pricing is confusing. Look at replacement cost and square foot cost when there are no comparable sales. Common sense is the order of the day. If it sounds to good, beware! A house priced below market is a distressed property. Find out what the problem is. Protect yourself from uncertainty by doing your homework. When you find the right home, make a good decision and be prepared to stay focused through the process. It is ok to get what you want and pay for the extras. After all, this is your new home.

What else should I consider?

Gulf Coast Realty Team

At Gulf Coast Realty,
we sell home at a time.

A skilled Real Estate agent has a working knowledge of:

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